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Author Topic: RELEASED - AirNav RadarBox 2010 - 3.13  (Read 31818 times)

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RELEASED - AirNav RadarBox 2010 - 3.13
« on: December 09, 2009, 11:20:30 PM »
We are happy to announce the release of AirNav RadarBox 2010 3.13 software.
This is a FREE upgrade to all existing RadarBox software previous version users.

Several important new features were added making RadarBox the most powerful Virtual Radar solution available. The first and only ADS-B receiver in space and used each day in more than 80 countries.

AirNav RadarBox 2010 software has passed all the tests on our closed beta testing and forum communities. It is fast, reliable and accurate and with several brand new features.

Full Download:

Manual update for users with any V3.xx beta version (2 Mb):
(Download and copy the file below to your "AirNav RadarBox" folder overwriting the existing file)

Upgrade from V2.xx:

New features (from V2.xx):
- Real-time Network Access enabled;
- Real-time 30003 port output and fully compatible with port 30003 addons;
- Real-time FTP upload;
- Real-time flight log recording;
- 20% more flight IDs received: decoding of more mode-s protocol frames;
- Tracking of aircraft sending ADS-B information on ground;
- Windows 64bit compatible drivers;
- Possibility of writing custom labels on map;
- Optional retrieval of flight information data from online database;
- Flights without callsign information added to MyLog;
- New/Updated AIRAC cycle: more than 100 thousand aviation database (airport, runway, VOR, NDB);
- Ability to zoom in closer. Hi-Res airport outlines / track aircraft in taxiways;
- Possibility of auto populating aircraft information without downloading photos;
- Improved Algorithm for the transition of network flights to live (and live to network);
- 2000 Airline Logos (many of them reviewed);
- 404 Country/Military Flags;
- UK/Ireland Time on status bar now shown correctly;
- Choose to show/hide Home position on map;
- Alerts/Reports email reports now sent from central server;
- Improve user awareness of incompatibility with AVG Anti-Virus (easy to add exception);
- More application data being worked inside threads: application runs faster;
- Preferences box now fits different screen resolutions;
- FTP Upload status information on status panel;
- "Purple rain/invalid positions" problem corrected;
- Improved Logo decoding routine: fully compatible with ICAO, IATA, Military and private jet flight codes;
- Option to show/hide Home Legend
- Registration/multiple alerts now working correctly;
- Weather List clearing problem corrected;
- Aviation Signs in Menu status updated;
- Email Alerts at consecutive days problem corrected;
- Duplicates in the Reporter bug corrected;
- Remember of Last Color Used;

Server upgrades:
- Completely changed server request management technology: average response times of less than 0.5 secs with an average of 50 requests per second;

Corrected problems:
- Polar diagram spikes;
- Blind rectangle/coverage problem corrected;
- Local to Real-time Network flight transition problem corrected;
- Fine tuning of port 30003 Output;
- ACARS Decoder connection problems;
- Signs menu problems corrected;
- Addition of the History Panel to the MyFlights grid;
- Improved Popup menu for the MyFlights Grid;
- Much better network synchronization capabilities;
- Translated Help/Manual Files available on installation;
- Corrected error on alerts/email;
- Some machines software does not start
- Corrected: aircraft on map disspearing and returning with zoom;
- Corrected: Mylog Position Lat and Long Entries are wrong
- Corrected: vector of an airplane changes a direction for 180 degrees
- Corrected: timeout issues on the network causing aircraft to stay there for ages
- Corrected: full screen and then return does not show map/aircraft
- Corrected: duplicate Entries of flights in MyLog, required longer timeout
- Corrected: route algorithm and sometimes wrong routes are being displayed
- Corrected: Range alerts not working
- Corrected: Company combo box not working
- Corrected: Font issue with commas and dots in custom legend
- Corrected: Filter to last ten minutes or one hour in MyLog Missing
- Corrected: No icon to resize interface window shown
- Corrected: Entries of closed maps in windows menu
- Corrected: Error message in preference menu
- Corrected: The 'execute a file' box is always ticked in alerts
- Corrected: Too many fixes being shown
- Corrected: Wrong altitude on aircraft on ground / NW Flights
- Corrected: no polar plot in saved images
- Corrected: USA and Canada with correct time
To all the team involved, especially the dedicated beta-testing and support team a huge thank you!
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