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Author Topic: Lindy USB 2.0 Active Extension System Pro  (Read 2359 times)

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Lindy USB 2.0 Active Extension System Pro
« on: September 28, 2009, 07:31:59 PM »
Hi all,

Since receiving the standard antenna from GlynH, I've been getting aircraft from up to 250nm on a regular basis.    This is using the RB upstairs, with the bog-standard basic antenna and connected to my wife's lap-top downstairs by way of a Lindy USB 2.0 Active Extension System Pro. 12m extension Part No. 42783.   I'm also receiving aircraft from up to 75nm from the east, previously 30 miles max. when I first received the RB (gable roof ridge, just behind aerial siting point.   

My reception is so much better than when I first had the RB, that I tried going back to the original set up, with no Lindy extension, and lap-top powering the RB, reception dropped back significantly - conclusion the power supplied by the "Active" Lindy system is giving the RB a better supply than it was getting from the lap-top (irrespective of whether it was on the mains or battery power), giving an approx 25-30% improvement in reception, plus I can now view the info. in our living room without having to go up and sit on the stairs!

I have no connection with Lindy whatsoever (other than being a very satisfied customer), and a query to their Technical Dept. was answered very quickly and clearly.

The Maplin passive USB/Cat 10m 5/6, did not work at all, although the green power LED was on and Blue USB LED was flashing every second or so.
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