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AirNav Development:
Hi All

We are working hard on and trying to make one of the best flight tracking websites with more and more user requested feature added.

We currently track flights using 6 different sources:
ADS-B, MLAT, FAA ASDI, Oceanic Reports, CPDLC and Estimated flight position.

One of the latest additions to the site was our first Raspberry Pi client.
It has passed an extensive beta testing stage and is now released - we are looking for more feeders so we may find if we have additional problems that needs some application upgrades.

Please check The Raspberry Page page here:

And our blog entry:

Current list of RPI feeders (still small but improving daily :-) )

One of the major advantages is that sharers are able to check their RadarBox MyStation page where their own flights are tracked and more great features will be added in the near future.


Hope you enjoy this new development.


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