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Author Topic: Can I have access to the data I receive?  (Read 34800 times)

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Can I have access to the data I receive?
« on: June 14, 2007, 09:06:54 PM »
The data received by RadarBox is available over port 7879 to use for external applications. The data is live and not delayed.

The feed works the following way:

1- Flight messages are received in real-time from the decoder.

2- Selected/relevant messages are added to a queue with a an attached time stamp. Not all messages are added because many of them them are irrelevant (imagine you have a flight being tracked with all the information available: aircraft type, lat/long, altitude - if a message containing only the Mode-s hex code of the aircraft is received it is not added to the queue as it adds no info to what the software already has all the information regarding that flight). If for example a change in altitude or V/S is received the message will, of course, be added to the queue.

We used XML for easy compatibility with all possible programs (XML is the world reference in data exchange).

Format as below:

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