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Shiptrax Validation.

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My shiptrax worked for approx 4 weeks then stopped with this message every time I try to start it.

Due to security reasons this application needs to validate itself each 15 days, please connect your computer to the internet to start validation process.

My computer is connected to the internet, nothing happens and it wont run £500.00 for this and it wont run.

Anybody got any ideas?

Contact support at


I have the same problem.

Tried to get help from support - Initially I got help. My login gas been reinitiated a couple of times. Now, I don't even get an answer.

I receive a message saying the application needs to validate itself every 15 days. I should connect to the internet. BUT I AM (AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN) CONNECTED...Any ideas?


Joao Leal

Runway 31:
If you are not receiving an automated response they are not getting your email.


I`ve got the same problem, and I to have emailed support with no responce, (the last time only two days ago) the email address checksout ok so I can only assume they are not interested in Shiptrax users


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