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This is a new Database Update Requests thread since the old one is now large and unwieldy so has been locked.

Thank you in advance for your requests.


Runway 31:

I added this one to the database as N306NV when it was around Leeds and it was showing as N306NC on the map on the network but I only got a fleeting glance before it timed out.  When it came into myflights as the hex was new it autpopulated with the info N306NV etc I had added and was using the flight ID LASHAM.  Attached is a screenshot of it from Radarbox24.

Where the problem arose I don't know as N306NC isn't in the database and isn't showing in my mylog or my Navdata.  It may even have stemmed from the aircraft itself using N306NC instead of N306NV.  N306NV was not in the database until I added it in this morning following receipt of an email advising the it had left Southend. 

The only other thing I can think of is that I had it in the database incorrectly as N306NC which is possible as C and V are next to each other on the keyboard and the autopopulation has over written the error.  This is possible as I thought that I had previously entered it in the database before today and will probably have searched for it by registration.  When I didn't find it I will have re-entered it correctly this time.  For used aircraft I usually search by c/n to enable me to delete the old ID as well but its former EZY details are not there which leads me to believe I entered it incorrectly.  Any problems with the d/b are usually the result of my screw ups!!

Someone who didn't pick up the aircraft and has a current Navdata update may be able to advise if A336DC is showing as N306NC on their database and that would confirm my now corrected error.


Runway 31:
Cheers Ian


Northern Watch:
Hi Alan

That makes sense, it certainly had me confused as I thought it was some sort of bug.  I also checked a few other aircraft in and around the time of tracking the Allegiant but all were as per the db.  I will amend Mylog.



Hi Alan, I have a flight missing some info..

Mode-S AA95CA

Flight ID N781RX

No Registration or Aircraft type populating.




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