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Have Airnav stopped support of Shiptrax?  I see there are very few posts on this forum and I have an expensive metal box currently.  Can anyone help me please.


Runway 31:
The forum is not a support forum. I would suggest that you contact [email protected] for assistance


Hi all, i`ve recently inherited a laptop with Windows 8.1 and would like to instal ShipTrax on it, but so many unanswered  questions even the map problem is not resolved after nearly a year. Regards Lou.

Hi All

I have ShipTrax now working on Windows 8.1 thanks to Airnav support but I paid for network subscription last Sunday and it still says Account Expired tonight despite 2 emails to the Airnav Support email.  I am sure they are busy but I have lost 3 days service already!!

AirNav Support:
Hi Mark,

Sorry for the delay, we have had some support email issues. It should be ok for you now, otherwise PM us and we will investigate the issue.



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