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No network traffic

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Unable to download any network traffic yesterday, and only 12 ships on today instead of usual 14,000. Something amiss?


Same here.

And photo download has stopped working as well.  For example, IMO = 9015462 has plenty of photos on but no photo downloaded into ShipTrax.

I've emailed support.

One other thing.  OSM map download is providing a map that's always centred at LAT=0, LONG=0, and zoomed to show the whole world, and satellite map download isn't working at all.  Not right!!!

Anybody know if a resolution for the map problem is likely soon, I have to rely on saved maps as when I click on a ship it is still opening world centered map. Seasons Greetings to all :-)

AirNav Support:
Hi Lou,

We will take a look at this again, Happy Holidays to you as well.


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