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Author Topic: ML&S Comments on AirNav Systems Forum  (Read 15675 times)

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ML&S Comments on AirNav Systems Forum
« on: April 05, 2008, 10:09:13 PM »
Just a quick note on piper-pilot post on our forum which was obviously deleted by our crew: at AirNav Systems we will not accept any more any kind of negative comments from anyone at ML&S.

piper-pilot is Chris, an employee of Martin Lynch & Sons the company that commercializes our competition product and one of the moderators of our competitors forum.

Since leaving ML&S as a distributor and joining Waters & Stanton AirNav RadarBox increased sales 4x and has now 70% of market share. These results speak for themselves on the lack of innocence of any kind of comments coming from the above mentioned company.

After the distributor change from Martin Lynch & Sons to Waters & Stanton, ML&S tried by all means to damage AirNav RadarBox image on our users and dealers.

Users can have a look at a detailed post explaining all this situation at the below link:

For a direct comparison between AirNav RadarBox and its competition please visit:
AirNav PDF Document - RadarBox vs Competition

Again this post serves to clarify the lack of innocence and second intentions related to some posts that appear on this forum. For all the other, fortunately 99% of them, keep the suggestions, problem reports and ideas coming.

Unlike other companies AirNav Systems is a totally transparent and we are here to keep our customers happy and to have them participating in a product that is revolutionizing our market.