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Author Topic: Seasons Greetings  (Read 2691 times)

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Seasons Greetings
« on: December 24, 2012, 09:26:54 PM »
At times like this ie. Christmas, I enjoy watching the out of ordinary flight movements overhead, especially in 3D ! But Alas due to some other agenda, I cannot use the 3D part of the software that I have paid for. If AirnavSystems go T*TS UP will I ever be able to use the 3d part of the software again?

My Wishlist for 2013:

1: Don't bother chasing a dream about Radarbox24, there are already enough providers out there.

2: Let the aviation professionals who have developed the first online tracker developed by them, as stated in my email Newsletter 21-12-12 concentrate on flying REAL aircraft.

3: Please concentrate your efforts on the people who have spent considerable sums of money with yourselves in purchasing your products and not a prospective group of people that may invest in effect cents or a few pennies for a fancy website.

Anyway, there's one thing for sure, I won't be tracking Santas sleigh in 3D tonight, I hope that you at Airrnav have a Happy Christmas and that the poor souls tasked with getting it all sorted get to enjoy their Turkey tomorrow.

Seaonal felicitations to you All

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