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Author Topic: - Released as Beta  (Read 9141 times)

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« on: November 19, 2012, 10:13:57 AM »
We are extremely happy to announce the release of

Visit the new website site at:

Feature list:
- Fully featured web based flight tracker
- Professional aviation layers including airspace boundaries, NAT tracks and navigation aids
- Full search functionality: search for a flight, city or airport
- Position estimates over remote oceanic areas
- Possibility of saving your favorite locations
- Continuous network growth thanks to new RadarBox receivers being daily all over the world
- Aircraft photos and data source information
- Real-time departure/arrival ticker
- Detailed data source information

With the data you see is the same used by major airlines, airports and other professional customers. Unlike with other online flight trackers, RadarBox24 doesn't have data inconsistencies caused from volunteer data feeders using external unreliable hardware and software / all data comes from RadarBox receivers and, in parts of the US/Atlantic/Pacific, directly from the FAA Radar System.

Note that is being released in Beta mode, which means errors/bugs might exist.

We have our development team ready for your feedback.
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AirNav Development

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Re: - Released as Beta
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2012, 10:23:37 AM »
Some interesting features / suggestion for RadarBox24:
- On the Flight tab the entry "Data Source" shows the exact source of data for flight information: in the the US/Canadian/Atlantic/Pacific airspace you can see the real ATC center that shared the data to AirNav Systems servers;
- The aircraft history panel shows the last flights done by a specific airframe;
- On the options tab you can opt to have aircraft labels always shown: they have a professional look and are never overridden by other labels;
- You can set your home airport to check weather information on the top window;
- You can filter the Arrival/Departure Ticker for your specific airport;
- You opt to have simple/detailed aircraft icons (full aircraft design or just a simple icon);
- There are several aviation related layers useful for serious aviation users: ATC boundaries, NAT Tracks for each day, Navaids, Cloud Cover;
- There are several map types available;
- If you register (totally free) and login your settings will be saved from session to session on any computer/ tablet you use the system on;
- The favorites menu lets you save favorite locations so you don't have to pan/zoom your map any time you want to have a look at other area of the world.

Hope you enjoy it.