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Author Topic: Welcome to Beta Testing Board  (Read 1424 times)

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Welcome to Beta Testing Board
« on: June 04, 2012, 12:55:25 AM »
This board is private and can be seen / updated only by approved Beta Testers. beta can be accessed at:

All the relevant points below:

0- We've been expanding agressively RadarBox network and will continue to do so to guarantee we have the world's biggest ADS-B network that will feed all the new RadarBox solutions;

1- is part of a new range of products we want to release in the next months:
   a) Browser:
   b) iPad / iPhone: RadarBox24
   c) Android
   d) Any other non-windows solution to access RadarBox data;

2- All these solutions will share the same core components, map, user settings, login details.

3- All the data comes from AirNav Systems central ADS-B server (the latest outages to the server were mainly related to upgrades that had to be done to accomplish all these solutions - some improvements will continue to be done in the next weeks);

4- The aim of this solution is to be in direct competition with and Being RadarBox a well known brand we want to explorer further areas including web browser and mobile solutions.

5- Beta tester tasks:
   a) Play as much as possible with and find as many problems as possible;
   b) Compare it to and;
   c) Suggest more ideas to further improve its quality;
   d) Give us as many suggestions as possible to have a better quality product and of more interest tha the competitors listed above;

6- The developer resposible for and in a near future for the mobile solutions is Dallan Porter. He is based in Tucson, AZ, USA (UTC-7). Dallan was responsible for the huge success of RadarBox 3D (and ShipTrax 3D). He is being cc'ed on this email (his contact is [email protected] ).

7- From now on all the reports should be sent to this forum board.
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