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Author Topic: Possible USB Config  (Read 3312 times)

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Possible USB Config
« on: March 25, 2008, 09:23:02 PM »
Hi All

Please note the radar box in question is my neighbours & not mine. so i am helping him out.

I am having a problem getting the radar box to co exist with a ham radio data interface used to control an icom ham radio, when this device is plugged into the computer the radar box won't work, when it is disconnected the box works fine (or used to work fine).

Under USB settings in device mangler: the airnav radar box is displayed, when i disconnect it goes away & when i plug it back in it reappears ok (as expected).
However when i start the airnav software it freezes the PC. so i thought it may be an idea to download and install the 2008 version of the software. This went through no problem.

Now when i start the software the software loads as expected but does not then detect the hardware.

Things to note: the ham interface has the dual port version of the FTDI Usb to serial interface installed.

I suspect that the same serial interface port configuration is being used but cannot find a way to change either of the com port settings.

Has anyone come across this issue before & if so any pointers?

Best wishes