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AirNav ShipTrax 3D and PRO Released


AirNav Development:
AirNav Systems is happy to announce the release of ShipTrax 3D and ShipTrax PRO.
The first units are being shipped today. Order now and be the next ShipTrax 3D/Pro user.

For more details including screen shots check:

AirNav ShipTrax is the first and only complete ship tracking system including both the hardware and software in a single box.
A complete all-in-one easy to install solution.

Why ShipTrax?
1- Full featured software included. No third-party software or apps with hidden costs required.
2- Network your station with others.
3- The only AIS Receiver with USB + Serial + Ethernet simultaneous output.
4- See local and network traffic in Real-Time.
5- Continuous software updates.
6- Professional email and forum support.
7- Extensive ship and port database.
8- Software 100% compatible with any other AIS receiver or TCP-IP feed.

Software: based on the award winning RadarBox 3D software including real-time ship tracking, alerts, log of ship received, extensive databases, automatic internet based data updates, real-time worlwide network and real-time photos for over 120 thousand ships.

Hardware: Dual-Channel AIS receiver with simultaneous Ethernet/USB/Serial Output;

You can also order from our Worldwide distributors, Waters & Stanton at:

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any question or suggestion.


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