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Author Topic: RadarBox Network displays 5 minute delayed traffic, isn't this confusing?  (Read 30743 times)

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AirNav Systems are a dedicated and responsible company with a long history of supplying flight following data to both professional and enthusiast users.  The current security climate means that it is not desirable  to allow live flight data to be distributed to non professional users.

However, it is a worldwide accepted standard that flight data delayed by 5 minutes does not constitute a security risk and so this is the standard followed by AirNav Systems and RadarBox.  Aircraft detected "live" by your RadarBox antenna will always appear in their actual positions.  Watch the aircraft on the RadarBox map, then look out of the window to see the actual aircraft.  Because of the way that RadarBox works, any aircraft that you are likely to see, will be detected as live aircraft.  If fact, RadarBox will detect aircraft live way beyond the distance to can see, out to approximately 250 miles.

Beyond this range, or in areas where it is impossible for your RadarBox to detect aircraft live, you will see Network aircraft.  Because these aircraft are out of sight, or are much further away (maybe thousands of miles away!) then the 5 minute delay is of no importance.

For example, if you are watching an aircraft in another country and that aircraft is flying at 400 miles per hour, you will see the aircraft where it was 5 minutes ago so it will be about 30 miles ahead of where it is shown on the RadarBox map.

If you are watching an aircraft on final approach to an airport using Network data, with a speed of 180 miles per hour, the aircraft will actually be 15 miles ahead of where it is shown on the RadarBox map.

So, from a security point of view this is quite safe, whilst the positioning on the RadarBox map is still accurate enough to be useful.

Below: Aircraft inbound to London Heathrow EGLL seen from 120 miles away using RadarBox Network data.

Click the link below for the full size screenshot: