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Author Topic: Why do I need the RadarBox Network, I'm only interested in local traffic?  (Read 29525 times)

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I'm only interested in aircraft that fly over my house, I don't want to see what is happening on the other side of the world.

If this is the case, then RadarBox is still the best Mode S receiver and software package on the market.  However, you will soon find that the RadarBox Network is invaluable and you want to use it all the time. Why is this:

- Aircraft that will be flying over your house will be shown on RadarBox much earlier than if you wait for them to appear as "live" tracks.  You might even see them taking off from their departure airfield.

- After you have watched an aircraft on RadarBox and you notice that it is starting its descent to land, what route will it follow, will it be put into the hold, if the weather at the destination airfield is bad, will the aircraft manage to land or will it be diverted?  With the RadarBox Network, you have the potential to follow this aircraft long after it has flown out of your live coverage area.

- Is a friend or family member making a flight today.  Watch their aircraft depart from the airport and see where it routes.  If it comes close to your home, watch the aircraft on RadarBox and maybe even see it out of the window as it flys past!

These are just a few reasons why the RadarBox Network is so unique and why you would want to use it. The Network opens up a whole new monitoring experience.  With the potential to see aircraft wherever there is a RadarBox user, there are no limits.  The Network is growing all the time, so get a RadarBox yourself and join in the fun!