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What is the RadarBox Network?


AirNav Team:
RadarBox can detect aircraft using the included antenna out to about 250 miles from your location, depending on antenna position and aircraft altitude. As Mode S signals are received "line of sight",  to receive aircraft at the maximum range, those aircraft will need to be very high.  The range of reception for aircraft at a lower altitude will be much less.

With an Internet connection, RadarBox allows you to share the aircraft you are receiving with the AirNav server.  This information then becomes available to everybody else using a RadarBox.  Of course, you can also see all the data being shared by other RadarBox users.  This means that potentially you can see aircraft all over the world.  Practically, it means that you can see aircraft wherever there is a RadarBox user.

So, detecting live aircraft only you might see 30 to 60 aircraft, but with Network data selected there no no limit.  You can expect to see up to 3000 additional aircraft over the AirNav RadarBox Network.

The AirNav RadarBox is the only Mode S receiver with the Network facility.  This amazing function is not available with any competing product.

See the screenshot below.  The RadarBox map has been zoomed out to show much of NW Europe.  Although it is not possible to show all aircraft at this scale of zoom, each green dot represents an aircraft.  The user who made this screenshot is located in central UK (see the +Home label).

Click the link below for the full size screenshot:


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