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Author Topic: I want to demonstrate RadarBox to a friend on their computer  (Read 27839 times)

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I want to demonstrate RadarBox to a friend on their computer
« on: March 22, 2008, 10:35:03 AM »
Can I install RadarBox on my friends computer so he can see how it works?

The RadarBox software will only display live and Network traffic when it is connected to the RadarBox hardware (receiver), therefore, there is no problem installing Radarbox on another PC.

You can install RadarBox on your friends computer and record traffic whilst it is connected.  When you take your RadarBox receiver home, your friend will not be able to view live or Network traffic, but he will be able to view the recording.

You can then email him RadarBox recordings and he can watch these on his PC.  Hopefully, your friend will be so impressed, that he will buy a RadarBox of his own so you don't have to keep making recordings for him!

Please note that the Copyright of the RadarBox 2008 software remains with AirNav Systems and general distribution is not permitted.