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Author Topic: Which Mode S Receiver should I buy, the SBS-1 or RadarBox?  (Read 42264 times)

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Which Mode S Receiver should I buy, the SBS-1 or RadarBox?
« on: March 22, 2008, 10:22:01 AM »
The AirNav Systems RadarBox of course because it's just so much better than the competition!  But I suppose that you would expect to hear that on this forum. 

We get asked daily about the differences between AirNav RadarBox and our competitors system, so the team has prepared a document clearly explaining, from the AirNav Systems point of view of course, the difference between the two products.

You can download it at:

AirNav PDF Document - RadarBox vs Kinetic SBS-1

Please read carefully the disclaimer in the first page of the document. With this document we intend to clearly show, with simple facts, the advantages of the new RadarBox system compared with the older competitor's one.

Get RadarBox today and join the fascinating world of aircraft tracking!
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