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Author Topic: How to manually edit the RadarBox 2008 Aircraft database  (Read 7889 times)

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How to manually edit the RadarBox 2008 Aircraft database
« on: March 19, 2008, 07:41:42 PM »
If you want to manually add an aircraft or edit a record in the RadarBox 2008 database, this is how you do it.

- Use File | Database Explorer to open the database window:

The database window will open at the first table in the database, which is the actype (aircraft type) table.  We don't want this table.

Use the drop-down box to select the aircraft table:

Click on Add Record, then type the details into the selected cell of the new blank record. Click on another empty cell and click Edit Cell.  When you have added all the data, just click anywhere in the database window and make sure that you can see the data you have entered in the new record.  Close the window by using the red X at the top right.  You have added the record.

If you want to edit an existing record, or check to see if a partial record exists for that aircraft, use the search/Filter at the bottom of the database window.  Click on the cell to edit and click Edit Cell.  In this example, I'm checking to see if I have aircraft with Mode S 400FF2 - and yes I do have that aircraft in the database. If you want to see all the records again, click on Show All.

The Mode S code is a "primary key" in the database which means that there cannot be 2 codes the same.  This is to prevent duplicate entries.  If you are having problems moving on to the next cell after entering a new Mode S code, this is probably because that code already exists.
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