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How do I Create Alerts?


AirNav Development:
One of the most important features of AirNav ShipTrax is that you can program the software to trigger alerts for certain circumstances. For example, you can have the program to automatically send an email message when a Maersk ship is received. The Alert feature can be accessed on the ShipTrax Interface. If it not shown open it from the program menu [ Tools |  Interface | Show/Hide].

How does it work?

The alert feature is divided in two parts:

· Conditions that will trigger an alert

· Type of Alert

There are five types of conditions to trigger an alert:

· Ship Name: when a Ship with a specific Name has been received an alert is triggered

· IMO: when a specific IMO is received

· Range: when a Ship is less that a defined number of miles from a specified location

· MMSI: to trigger an alert when a defined MMSI is received

· Callsign: when a Ship with a specified callsign appears on the system


There are four types of alerts

· Play a Sound: a sound is played when an alert is triggered. The sound file can be specified using the browse key

· Show a notification message: a windows notification window opens on the bottom right corner of the screen

· Send an email: an email is sent to a specific email address

· Execute a file


If you wish Network traffic to trigger an alert, tick the "Activate Alerts for Network Ships" box.

Note that you can use wildcards to specify conditions. For example if you want your computer to play a sound whenever a Maersk ship has been received enter Maersk* in the Ship Name condition.

On the bottom of the Alert tab you will also see the alert log box. This will keep a log of the alerts sent for you to check.

Example of an Alert

Let's imagine we want an email message to be sent to "[email protected]" whenever a Maersk ship is received.

1- Check the Ship Name check box to activate this type of alert condition

2- Type 'Maersk*' on the Ship Name alert box

3- Check the "Send  an Email to the following addresses:" option

4- Type the email address on the email address box

5- That's it. When any ship with a name starting with Maersk is first received by the system an email address will be sent to the specified email address.


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