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What do the lights on the ShipTrax hardware mean?


AirNav Development:
Normal Operating:

Under operating normal conditions (hardware connected to your computer, drivers correctly installed and software running) the green light will be always on, the blue light will flicker on each time data is being transferred from the hardware to your computer and the white light will flicker on each time there is data being received from Ships.

Green LED:

This is the most important light. When on it means that hardware is properly powered. AirNav ShipTrax hardware uses power from your USB connection or 12v DC supply. In normal conditions this light should always be on. If it is not on, there may be a problem with your USB cable. See Troubleshooting for more help.

Blue LED:

This LED indicates the status of the USB connection as shown below. Note that under normal conditions (hardware on, drivers installed and software working) the blue light will blink anytime data is being transferred by USB between the hardware and your computer.

· Blue LED Blinking at a one time per second:
The Hardware is in firmware update mode. Unless you are intending to update the firmware on the advice of AirNav Systems press reset or disconnect and reconnect power to enter normal mode. 

**Warning**  Updating the firmware apart from when recommended by Airnav Systems will Void any part of your warranty.

· Blue, Yellow and White LEDs are Blinking Quickly (approximately five times per second)
The hardware is properly powered by USB or 12v DC  but the Product configuration stored in flash is corrupted. Contact AirNav Support to arrange a repair.

· Blue LED Off
If the light is permanently off (and the green light is permanently on) then the hardware is ready to start working but there are no ships in range or the ShipTrax hardware is connected by ethernet TCP/IP or serial RS232

White LED:

The white LED blinks whenever a AIS signal is received from a ship and decoded with success. The more this LED blinks the more information is received from a ship.


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