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What is the ShipTrax Network?


AirNav Development:
The AirNav ShipTrax Network is a feature that enables you to view data other ShipTrax users are receiving all over the world at the same time as displaying your own ships.

How does it work? Each AirNav ShipTrax user can share their live data with other users. Live data will be processed and after passing some validation algorithms it is uploaded to the AirNav server. On our server we have a powerful application called "AirNav Network Server" which processes up to 10000 AIS messages per second at peak periods. Data is then organized and properly processed and an output file is created. Each connected client will then automatically download the updated list of network ships. This list often has more than 5000 Ships worldwide and the list is growing daily as more users install ShipTrax and share their data.

You will be able to track ships over Europe, North America, Asia, South America and more: in other words you will be able to see ships wherever there is a ShipTrax user.


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