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Author Topic: What is AIS?  (Read 16322 times)

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What is AIS?
« on: July 11, 2011, 08:54:55 AM »
AIS is a system used by ships to transmit their positions and information to other ships and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS). The information below is transmitted by AIS:

· Status of the Ship

· Ship's Callsign

· Name: Ship's Name

· Ship Type: Type of ship (Cargo, passenger etc)

· Destination

· Draught of the ship in meters

· Speed of the ship in Knots

· Course

· Heading

· IMO number of the ship

· MMSI number of the ship

· Latitude

· Longitude


· Distance the GPS is from the bow

· Distance the GPS is from the port

· Distance the GPS is from the stern

· Distance the GPS is from the starboard

· Type of positioning system – such as GPS, DGPS or LORAN-C.

· DTE Flag

· Nav Status

· Rate Of Turn

· Position Accuracy

In addition to the information above Shiptrax can calculate the following:

· Distance from home.

· Bearing from home.
· Last Time (UTC) the Ship Information was changed

· Last Time (UTC) tracking information was received

· Length of the ship in meters

· Beam of the ship in meters