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Author Topic: Boeing B788  (Read 6997 times)

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Boeing B788
« on: April 03, 2011, 09:40:27 PM »
Hello, I live 160 miles NE from the Boeing Field, near Seattle Washington....I track most west bound flights  originating in Europe, and destine to the west coast of Canada and the USA...

Today, I tracked the new Boeing B788 out of Gander, NFLD, on a test flight.

Report generated by AirNav RadarBox 2010 - 3.13
Advanced Real-time Radar Decoder

Log Author:
Location: Osoyoos
Country: Canada

Generated at 2011/04/03 20:10:49 UTC
Valid for 2011/04/03
130 Flights Logged
 * AAAAA1  387                      N787BA  B788  Boeing Company       2011/04/03 20:06:41 
 New Aircraft entries have the symbol *

--- End of Report ---