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Author Topic: RB and my new PC  (Read 11694 times)

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John Racars

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Re: RB and my new PC
« Reply #30 on: January 13, 2011, 02:19:43 AM »

thank you again!!!!! All works verry good now. Sorry for all confusion and extra work.

But if you must re-install a new computer you learn more and more.

If you installed Windows 7 do not think that you are ready. You do 50% of all.......

I have made a backup of the RB-data so all your logo's and silhouettes are working fine again aswell! Verry happy.

Kind Regards, Hans

Best Regards from the Netherlands, John Racars
13 NM East of EHAM
Version: 3D - 5.00.072
Antenna: outside WiMo GP-1090 (with ECOFLEX 10 cableconnection)
PC: Windows 7 SP 1 - 64 bit
RadarBox24 station: EHAM4