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Author Topic: Upgrade to RadarBox Today - Return your Old Unwanted Mode-S Receiver for £50  (Read 36532 times)

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Waters & Stanton, Worldwide distributor for AirNav RadarBox is offering a chance to trade in your old unwanted SBS mode-s receiver and get a £50 discount on a Brand New AirNav RadarBox Pro or AirNav RadarBox 3D.

Just bring in your old, broken, dusty or outdated SBS mode-s receiver (any version) and get £50 off. This campaign is valid until Dec 31st.

What SBS vendors will never tell you?
- SBS didn't have a single major software upgrade in 4 years - with RadarBox development never stops and new versions are released on a yearly basis;

- With SBS you have to rely on third party addons to get aircraft photos, information and maintain log files. Despite being 100% compatible with these addons RadarBox is an easy to install, all-in-one package - all these features are included and are Professionally maintained;

- AirNav Systems offers direct customer support - right from the development team to the end user - available H24 by email or using AirNav forum. SBS is not supported by Kinetic Avionics (the developers) but by its distributor (an electronics shop in London) which lacks the know-how needed for the resolution of technical problems.

- With RadarBox you can share what you receive in real-time with other users and see in real-time what they receive - all over the world - usually over 1000 flights. With SBS you simply can't do this and you only see traffic you receive (if you are in a low traffic area you will not track more than 1 or 2 flights);

- RadarBox 3D is the only existing 3D package available. SBS relies on totally outdated graphics (not a single relevant upgrade in 4 years) where aircraft labels overlap and you can't see anything without zooming in.

- RadarBox is prepared for worldwide use with an airport and navigational database valid for all the world. With SBS and if you live in an area not covered by the system you will have to browse though many non-professionally maintained internet sites to get airport data which most of the times doesn't exist.

RadarBox is Professionally maintained and developed by aviation Professionals. Pilots, controllers and software engineers.

For more information visit Waters & Stanton web site at (UK Phone 01702 203353)

Why change to RadarBox?
It's the only receiver:
- Designed by Professional Airline Pilots
- That enables you to share/network your station with others
- No third-party applications required. All-in-one package.
- See local and network traffic in Real-Time
- Continuous software updates
- Professional email and forum support
- Standard 3D interface included  by default (RadarBox 3D)
More RadarBox details at
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