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Author Topic: The Hardwire horror - pics may be offensive!  (Read 8245 times)

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The Hardwire horror - pics may be offensive!
« on: January 27, 2010, 11:20:35 AM »
Hi fellas, got to have a sense of humor havn`t we?  It all started off with a friend about to throw away a piece of hardwire coax. I commented that it had to be useful for something. He said something unrepeatable and bet me ten quid i couldn`t. A bet was a bet! Two minutes later i shoved the aerial - er, thing, in the tailpipe of my poor Radarbox and bingo, it worked! It shows what can be done with a bit of wire with tin and a a weird sense of humour. The thing was sat on top of a computer next to amateur radio gear and in a double glazed room on the first floor! Sorry about the pics - we`re still having hysterics!! Bi now, Roger