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Author Topic: TRA, Control zones etc.  (Read 2782 times)

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TRA, Control zones etc.
« on: December 10, 2009, 02:30:46 PM »
hi all,
first of all the new version works well.
my question is: living in southern germany i would like to have map that e.g. displays army ranges or TRAs or control zones. how can i achieve this. are there prefab maps that can be used or do i have to create a map myself and if so which software has to be used to get it done and fit it into rb?
any help appreciated. btw i am not a pc expert!!!!


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Re: TRA, Control zones etc.
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2009, 05:40:43 PM »

you might want to take a look at the links/tools mentioned in this thread:

Basically it's done by using outline files (*.out), which you place in the folder named "outlines" of the airnav radarbox software. Files in that folder will be shown on the map.

use existing outlines, found at:

- (install and then see folder "files" for all *.out files required)
- (no outlines for germany)

create your own outlines using "Jordans outlinemaker"