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Author Topic: Google Earth tool  (Read 4446 times)

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Google Earth tool
« on: December 25, 2007, 11:33:28 AM »
Hi to all
Happy Christmas and New Year

I will like to share with you a few thoughts. Perhaps you have use the Google Earth to locate some interesting places. Really is a good tool to find some interesting data on earth, but also a nice tool about RB reception. If you fly over earth in a same airplane altitude, using 3D option and tilt function, you may see the natural obstacles between airplane and home location.

Here is my home location surrounded by mountains. In to the right side is the LGAV. Between  airport and my home the Hymettus mountain altitude 1002 mtr high. No reception over them.

And in the second picture just a flying (about 10000 feet) around horizon with the center to my home location.