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Author Topic: Patrouille de France  (Read 4875 times)

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Patrouille de France
« on: September 06, 2009, 03:49:46 PM »
Hi peolple,
Yestarday  Patrouille de France landed at Brasilia - Brazil at 14:14 UTC

They will do serevral presentations here, probably next saturday in Rio de Janeiro, where I hope to have the oportunity to go there and be one of the withness of the work of this marvelous time.

If this happens, you´ll can see the photos at --> Photo

Best regards : Juan


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Re: Patrouille de France
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2009, 04:34:53 PM »
What is normal for the Patrouille de France (Alpha Jets), the French President is visiting Brazil as a special guest for the holiday.
Nicolas Sarkozy was expected Sunday night in Brazil for a short state visit during which he hopes to finally tie, failing to announce the long awaited first victory outside of the French fighter Rafale.

To win the giant South American, who wants to develop its own defense industry, France has made its offer in technology transfer considered "unprecedented" and now on the ties forged between the two heads of state to take setting.

"Between Brazil and France, it is not a relationship of supplier and client, but a partnership," Nicolas Sarkozy has argued in an interview published Sunday morning in the daily O Globo. "And if we want to do together because we share the same values and vision of the great international issues," he said.

President Lula has been sensitive to these arguments by betraying his preference for the airplane lights. "France has shown the country the most flexible for the transfer of technology," he said Wednesday in an interview with AFP, "Obviously, this is a unique comparative advantage.

Despite this boost, the entourage of the Head of State, scalded by previous failures of the French fighter for export, prefers not to anticipate a possible announcement during his visit, the schedule set by the Brazilian who deferred a decision in October.

Failing Gust, Mr. Sarkozy will formalize contracts in December, during his previous stay in Brazil for the supply of four sub-Scorpene attack submarines, 50 helicopters, military transport and manufacture of a shell under nuclear submarine.

These contracts, according to the Brazilian press, are estimated at 8.5 billion euros.

The daily Folha de Sao Paulo as well as a Sunday that "Brazil will sign with France's largest military contract" and adds that "probably" Brazil will add to delay the acquisition of French combat aircraft.

Nicolas Sarkozy has also pushed the French companies which are struggling to win contracts on the Brazilian market, such as the TGV line between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

It is also in Brasilia accompanied by an escort of CEOs of large companies (EADS, Safran, Alstom, GDF Suez, Dassault), which will launch next week with the Brazilians a "high level group" responsible, according to Elysee, "preparing the next stage of partnership".

Monday morning he will attend the traditional parade of the national day before another meeting with Lula and a press conference. After a tour of the tram construction of Brasilia, told Alstom, then a brief meeting with the French community, he hands over the head for Paris.
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