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Author Topic: Map High Resolution  (Read 3449 times)

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Map High Resolution
« on: November 11, 2007, 02:17:53 PM »
hi All,
Some users (as me) want to have the map in HR (High Resolution),
but if you add an HR file (.ou) we have the two drawing (old and new).

if you consider the problem:

there is tools to make draws in HR
The map standard is not in an out file
We can't modifiy the standard Map
We can't delete the standard Map ...

yes but we can make it disappear !!!!

i explain my idea:

 to not display the standard Map, it's simply select Black Color (in
the preference) for the countries box.

so, i have drawing an HR file (.out) of France / Meditteranean with most detail
at LFMT (my airport).
i have drawing a "standard" file for the Spain, Italy, Corse countries.

For the color of this files, i choose $type=25 (thanks Airnav for the help) and in the
preference color, i choose the same color of the old color countries.

in the same time i have changed the color of climbing( by yellow) - green go to
the grass, blue - in the sky and yellow - go to the sun !!! (memo-technic).
and i replace the radar standard color by my new one.

as i can display

i have a high resolution behind my radar range coverture (exemple with LFMT, the
town of Montpellier (forbiden to over flight) and the tree small lake.
in this screen shot we have a more large view with HR and standard resolution Map countries.

if i want to display another country, i must change the color in the preference.
it's here that Airnav can help us ... with a button to Turn Map in Black automaticaly !!!

for me this solution is good, because most of the time i'm in my aera reception, and detail are important only for LFMT, it's better than to have two lines !!!!

in this occasion, i verify some colors for the outlines:
$2 White
$15 Grey/blue
$16 Violet
$18 Red

And to choose $25 for the new countries lines, we can use other color for other lines (like town).
But infortunetly, the function who permit to write a name don't work !!!
for a new version ???

Patrick / F6GSG

AirNav Support

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Re: Map High Resolution
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2007, 05:21:43 PM »
Hi Patrick,

That is a quick fix round that. However doesn't is actually still look weird with actual country in dark could be a few miles away from the outlines coastline which could be in sea according to the display?

For a quick fix it is good, though we might to think further to get around this and allow changing of the default map.
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Re: Map High Resolution
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2007, 06:32:23 PM »
Hi AirNav support,

No, is not a big problem to have not the sea at the right place,
because is the "same" color. The two drawing was (old and new
map) more difficult to observe.

But, as you write, it's just a quick fix...

And about the possibility to have .out able to display a name
(like another software !!!) i want to display some town Name or
friend position.

Thanks for your job.

Patrick / F6GSG