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Author Topic: Dream for v1.x [long]  (Read 4724 times)

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Dream for v1.x [long]
« on: November 04, 2007, 08:14:04 PM »

So, i consider that RB is a very good soft, but i have a dream and some idea for that RB become the better soft ...(only suggestion)

At first, i think that if we want that this software became a "reference" it must be open.
All success software are open (like flight simulator), because that users who developed the success with add on?

So, is it possible to open the possibility to modify the database of FIX (because i want to add (usual FIX) or delete some FIX that i never use),
is it possible to open the database of airport (because i want to delete some small airports where never heavy flight will landing, or to modify some airports),
is it possible to open the map (because i want to modify  the map behind Montpellier (LFMT), it's the official map but i want to draw a hight resolution version, add some forbidden zone of flight, and some special place (like bridge, our friend
position, or name).

Of course it was the responsability of each user to modify the database (i try to modify data in d0004.dat to change name of airports ...)

so, if you can give some informations how add, delete or modify, i am certain that many people make devlopement for do that.
And the software will be very popular.


RB works well but some functions must be more easy to use:

The filters (good idea), when you add a filter there is nothing that indicate clearly that whe are in filter mode.(only a rectangle around the button of the filter active – perhaps there is not another possibility).

Why not, turned the button SHOW ALL in RED[/color]. (when is green you are in show all mode)
Why not, print on the left top of the radar screen the F letters.(bigger)
Why not, print in red the data in the combo box of the filter active.

It's available for the Quick List. (Letter Q)
(How modify this quick List ?)
Or advanced (Letter A)

Thats a good function, but as filter mode, nothing  indicate that you are in recording mode.

Why not, display on the left top of the radar windows the R letters (as Recording) .(big letter) or the red point that you see in all camera.

So un reader mode, same problem, nothing indicate that you are une reading mode (as the difference of time data).

Why not, display on the left top of the radar windows the L letters.(bigger). And display (on the radar map windows or Elsewhere) the date and time (easy to read) of this instant reading.

And better, if we can, the possibility to be faster ou rewind reading ... <<  / >>

it will be important, because i think it will be useful to connect the recorder function in the alerts mod (Read further).

Radar Windows:

i think it be useful to add (like the home location button) two buttons, with two memory position and zoom mode.

I explain: in "standard" mode i "look up" the map to see all the plane that the receiver can listen (first memory position), if i listen on the radio or observe on the windows somethings
from my favourite airport  (LFMT), i must zoom many time et positioning the map on this airport.
Il must be easy to have a button (memory 2) that directly go to the position that y have memorised ?

At the end of my observation, with the first button, (memory 1), i can go back to my observation position (who is not mandatory  home centred).

Net users:

it's a good idea to have the possibility to know who is active on the net and where, but i think that there is a funny solution to have this information directly on your radar screen.

For people who accept to share their flights , as we know there home location, why not send this information as A FLIGHT (on the net), and give for the name of the "Home Flight" a name like RBN-99999 (like Radar Box Net and 9999 the serial number).

In network flight , the software can draw a small logo radar at this position, with the name of the Home flight (verify that RBN is not use ...).

In filter mode, if we filter all RBN*- flight, we can see all the Radar Box user in real time (with 5 minutes of delay !!!).

Better, if we can modify the Home name by the name that we want, we can add personal information (for me i will replace Home by F6GSG).(in the plane identification ....).

Alert mode:

Very important function for me, because my interest is to "check" all flight who are not usual.... and "sometime" i'm not on behind my computer but at my job, so the alert mode is for me essential.

At first, it will be very interesting too add two type of alert:
one, to make an automatic  screen shot (option box), because i'm very frustrated not to be able to look on the radar map, where is the flight (and is not easy to translate the longitude/latitude).
And (in option) we can send the screen shot with the mail (top of the top).

Second, make an automatic recording (with time parameter) to display after the flight that i have track (like A380 test ...). And so my interest to have the possibility to have LONG TRACE (more 10 minutes).

so, the mode of alert must be change for the flight identification. Change the possibility to test equal by not equal. I explain: now with 3 weeks of observation, it's also the same flight (and company) and i'm interesting by the other flights (special, unusual ..), so i'm interest by an alert if it is not AF*, RY*, .... (so the function NOT EQUAL)

The top of the top, was the possibility to create a personal list of flight and if flight is not in this list, make an alert !!! (but in bit more hard to do)

For the Range mode, add a level mode with < or >, because my interest to track some airport landing or take-off, not the high level. Or to track flight higher more level 400.

General Ergonomics

So, the ergonomics is good, software very easy to use, but we can better.

I think that It would be interesting  to have somme informations on the radar-map-windows.

I have a windows in 1280 x 1024 mode and the radar map on the right in bigger position. So some informations like distance and bearing are not visible.

Why not display on the Radar Map Windows, the distance on the left bottom when we track a plane. (as Filter mode or recording ?)

My interest is primarily for plane that i can look on the Radar Map Screen, why not put a box (after the Hardware box) to select ONLY screen than the software can display. (with the earth)

When we clic with the right button on the  Radar Map Screen, we can add on the dialog box the functions to register the two memory zone.

When we clic with the right button on the  Radar Map Screen on a flight (do nothing actually), It would be interesting to have this functions:

Display on the screen ONLY this plane. (more easy to  observe)
Directly Activate the Quick Filter with this plane.
Make a long trace of this plane.
Record this plane in my personal database (for the alert)
Lock the Track Mode.

We can't change the order of the tools bar (My flights – Network – Smartview ..)
with my windows, i can't see all the bar, so i'm interesting to change the order by my interest ( My Flight – My Log – Alert .. ) and not to use the ascenseur to select the good  function.

Idem for the information of My Flight, you can delete some information, but not define the order.

I understand that the alert windows is big, so why not open a new windows when we selected it, because i must play with the ascenseur to display all the informations.

About the combo box (quick filter or filter) i don't really understand what is in the memory of this combo (not the last filter ?) is it possible to change them ?

In the aviation signs buttons, the airport signs are always light on, but it's not real.

Long dream ..... (For AirNav developer) you can take an coffee (or more), thats only some idea how i see the futur software (without programming considération).

For Christmas ????

My apologize for the english Style... (poor frenchy)

Patrick / F6GSG

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Re: Dream for v1.x [long]
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2007, 09:13:42 PM »

Thanks for all the points. Some have already been mentioned in the past and should be included (can't say exactly which version but they have been pencilled in) such as some of the points about alerts.

Your comments about the network is interesting however I think most customers will not like it and prefer just to have the network flights appear rather than knowing who is tracking it. We do have a network page now which can give some of idea of the RadarBox locations.

Not 100% sure about what you meant by open the software. If you mean just databases etc.. then that's what we are planning to do but if you mean open source then that's not going to happen.

A lot of the rest of your points are about Ergonomics of the program and we will try add as many as we can.

Overall thanks for post, its very informative and will help RadarBox continually improve.
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Re: Dream for v1.x [long]
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2007, 09:43:27 PM »
Thanks for the response.

So, about open the software i don't mean open source.
i mean only the possibility to add or modify data (not only database) as
Map, Airport or add some data (as outlines, that we don't know how is possible).

Like the spirit of Flight Simulator.

For the Network, i think that it will be a possibility to share Home location, only
for fun (and good commercial looking). Asking the users ?

i'm electronicien and manager of a very small company, so i understand
(i hope) the job to add all my dream, but if that can make this software better
it's well. (so in state v1.3  it's a very good software).

Thanks for your job
Patrick / F6GSG

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Re: Dream for v1.x [long]
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2007, 10:35:28 PM »
Tks for this post. We have copied all the requests and comments to our wish list and we will do our best to include them in a future release.