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Author Topic: Translated Manuals Available  (Read 24925 times)

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Translated Manuals Available
« on: July 03, 2009, 07:55:45 AM »
The RadarBox project is growing daily and we have received many requests to translate our documentation into other languages. We have our documentation now available in the languages below.

The help is in Windows CHM help format. The manual is in PDF format.

RadarBox Manual - English
RadarBox Help - English

RadarBox Manual - Francais
RadarBox Help - Francais

RadarBox Manual - Deutsch
RadarBox Help - Deutsch

RadarBox Manual - Greek
RadarBox Help - Greek

RadarBox Manual - Norsk
RadarBox Help - Norsk

Portuguese/Portugues (Brazil):
RadarBox Manual - Portugues (Brazil)
RadarBox Help - Portugues (Brazil)

Portuguese/Portugues (Portugal):
RadarBox Manual - Portugues (Portugal)
RadarBox Help - Portugues (Portugal)

RadarBox Manual - Espanol
RadarBox Help - Espanol

RadarBox Manual - Finnish
RadarBox Help - Finnish

RadarBox Manual - Japanese
RadarBox Help - Japanese

RadarBox Manual - Hebrew
RadarBox Help - Hebrew

Italian and Swedish translations will follow and we hope to release them soon.

Note: To view the Windows Complied Help file (.chm) after downloading, right click on the file and select Properties.  Left click the Unblock button and click Apply and OK.  The .chm file will then display correctly.  (If the file is not Unblocked, then only the top level menu items will be visible).

Pre-release Beta Help and Manuals

This is still work in progress, but here is the RadarBox Help and Manual with a section on RadarBox 3D

RadarBox Manual 3D- English
RadarBox Help 3D - English
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