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Author Topic: What about the non-comercial ADS-B targets?  (Read 12705 times)

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What about the non-comercial ADS-B targets?
« on: June 21, 2007, 07:36:47 PM »
I read the RadarBox specs and I'm a bit confuesd.
Why do the brochures and manuals refer to "decoding ADS-B radar signals"?
ADS-B is broadcast from the aircraft and has nothing to do with radar.

Also, I could not find it in the manual but someone in the forum stated that RadarBox listens to  1090 extend squitter. This is fine for receiving Mode-S and ADS-B from commercial aircraft equipped with Mode-S transponders, but what about all the non-commercial aircraft? They all use UAT transceivers, not Mode-S. Most of the national ADS-B Ground Based Transceivers(GBT) network have UAT, not 1090ES transceivers.

Does RadarBox have, or do you plan to support, UAT datalink based ADS-B so that I can track my fleet of GA aircraft that are ADS-B equipped?

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Re: What about the non-comercial ADS-B targets?
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2007, 10:31:13 PM »

Tks for your interest in AirNav. The chose "Radar" for the name to pass the idea to the user that he/she can see flights like a real Radar Screen. It has nothing to do with the technology used that, as you have written, is Mode-S/ADS-B receiver.

We currently do not support UAT (that runs in the 966- to 981-MHz frequency range) anyway we might be interested in developing such a solution in the future.

Can you please contact our support at [email protected] and let us know more details on your business and an UAT receiver would benefit you?