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Author Topic: AirNav Systems Newsletter - 2007 Sept 21  (Read 4976 times)

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AirNav Systems Newsletter - 2007 Sept 21
« on: September 21, 2007, 06:22:50 PM »
AirNav Systems - 50% Off on the first 50 Orders AirNav Systems - Leader in Flight Tracking and Monitoring Software -
Dear AirNav Systems Newsletter Subscriber,

AirNav Systems is offering a 50% discount for the first 50 orders (Flight Tracker, FS Live Traffic and ACARS Decoder) received until the end of this weekend.
This is the best opportunity for you to start watching real-time flights on your computer or to fly with real world traffic in Flight Simulator X or 2004.
Use Coupon Code PAYHALF22 when ordering to obtain the discount. Click here to order

AirNav Live Flight Tracker
The World's Most Popular
Flight Tracking Application


FS Live Traffic
Fly in real-time with real world traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator X or 2004.
The most innovative Add-On ever.


Subscribe AirNav Live Flight Tracker - Platinum for just $33 (50% off) and you can you start tracking real-time flights immediately using the latest version of the software.

For Flight Simulator X or 2004 users take this opportunity to subscribe FS Live Traffic, which enables you to fly with real world traffic
Subscribe FS Live Traffic - Platinum for just $27.5 (50% off)

To receive live ACARS (air-to-ground and ground-to-air datalink) messages with just an internet connection
Subscribe ACARS Decoder - Platinum for just $17.5 (50% off)

To get the most from AirNav Live Flight Tracker Professional for half the price check:
Subscribe AirNav Live Flight Tracker - Professional for just $74.95 (50% off)

All AirNav Systems Software available here
Important: Your account will be automatically renewed each 6 months (monthly for Professional) until you cancel it.

Don't forget to visit AirNav Systems new product page. AirNav RadarBox
Click Features, Screen Shots, Order Information
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Main features include:

  • European Flights Tracking Included
  • Real-Time Radar ADS-B decoder
  • No need for an external power supply
  • Plug-and-play USB connection
  • Free Network Access for One Year
  • 200 thousand GIS database included
  • Compatible with ACARS Decoder


If for some reason you can't click the link above please copy/paste the line below to your browser's address box:
AirNav Live Flight Tracker:
FS Live Traffic:
AirNav Live Flight Tracker Professional:
AirNav ACARS Decoder:

The AirNav Systems Team

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