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AirNav Team:
Video Support files are now available to show how to use the RadarBox user interface.  These are in Windows wmv format and can be viewed either by left clicking the link or right clicking to download the files to your PC.  The videos are clearest when viewed in a large window.

The Video Support section will be added to over a period of time and any requests for specific videos should be made in the Discussion section of the forum.

AirNav Team

AirNav Team:
The AirNav YouTube Channel has been upgrade to include HD (High Definition) video tutorials.  Make sure that you click on the HD button at the bottom right of the YouTube video player.  To view the video full screen, click on the player itself to go to it the Channel page and go to the normal YouTube play screen  You can then see and select select the 'Full Screen' button.

AirNav Team:
New videos added to the YouTube channel to show the AirNav RadarBox Real-Time Network in action.  One of the clips is a zoomed in shot of the map without the interface and shows traffic transitioning between live (antenna) and real-time network.  Watch the videos in full-screen HD format for best effect.  Please not that the radio scanner is not part of the RadarBox hardware and software suite, but is recorded as a real-time background audio track.


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