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Author Topic: Will the AirNav Radar Work in my country  (Read 3161 times)

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Will the AirNav Radar Work in my country
« on: November 22, 2008, 12:08:04 AM »
Dear AirNav Gentlemen,

My name is Stefano Rota, from Ecuador, south america.  I am a private pilot and Im completing my commercial course.  I am very into aviation photography and I am very well know aviation FREAK who just loves to be up to date with different planes that come here etc to all the airports.  I saw this product and it caught my attention....  I read it covers EVERY flight coming in out, altitude, etc, airports worldwide.  Now, i live in Ecuador, this thrid world country in which aviation technology is coming up higher every day.  Technology growns but aviation stays behind.  I would love to test your products but I have my serious doubts it will work properly.  I have the following questions.

What kind of flights will it decode and show properly?

Its LIVE second to second right showing its current position coming in or out of airports?

Will it read basically every airplane flying over or in my country?

Will it have the major airports showing?

Whats kind of aircrafts are we talking about if we say: "Mode-S aircraft appear in the list in RadarBox"?

Will it read cargo operations or military planes?

Does it work also based on flight plans so i can know at what time a plane plans on departing?

Has this ever been tested in a country such as Ecuador, colombia etc?

Wil it work properly?

If something could perhaps not be compatible, what could it be?

Most of the aircrafts here or flying into ecuador or 737-200, 727, 747-200, etc, not so modern, will this be affected?

I have seen flight aware, but it doesn't show every plane flying into my airports such as SEQU/SEGU/SEMT/SECU/SECO etc, sometime it doesn't even show flights, or information is wrong.  What are the benefits for tis.    You have me in to purchasing your product, but I must be convinced.  Hope to receive some kind help from you and I bet ill be purchasing your products! Please reply

Stefano Rota

PS: Those are my aviation pictures
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Re: Will the AirNav Radar Work in my country
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2008, 01:18:28 AM »
Hi Stefano,

I know you didn't like supports email to you but it does cover lots of your questions and quite a few of your questions are repetitions.

RadarBox is an ADS-B decoder which is for the home enthusiast as well as the professional.  In Europe 70%+ of commercial aircraft have ADS-B, America has about 40% however we expect both percentages to rise to nearly 100% over the next few years. New aircraft from Boeing, Airbus and other mafunctures since 2004 have come with ADS-B as standard.

Military aircraft do not normally have ADS-B so they cannot be tracked. Mode-S aircraft appear in the list in RadarBox as well as there altitude but they do not give plotting information.

Yes it is Live, its getting these details from the antenna and hence only aircraft in the reception around you are tracked. It doesn't matter what country you are in, aircraft are always broadcasting if they have ADS-B hence you can track planes in the artic circle if they have ADS-B.

The older jets such as 737-200, 727, 747-200 are unlikey to have ADS-B.

Hope that helps.
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