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Author Topic: RadarBox 1.5 Demo Mode  (Read 2983 times)

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RadarBox 1.5 Demo Mode
« on: July 25, 2008, 05:55:06 PM »
Hi People,

Can semeone help on this....

As I have a site for aviation matters, I use to put Live RadarBox streaming from SBGR area.

As here there are lots of people interested on this, I thought that it would be nice to put on site forum instructions on how to download Airnav RadarBox 2008, 1.5, install it and do a pre-recorded file from my area, so that the interested people, can play a bit with RB.

Probleams found :

1- I am only able to record using radarbox 1.4, because V 1.5 senda a message that it will start in 5 minutes due to securitu reasons...... and passing 5 minute, crashes....
This is not a big problen indeed....
2- I did a fresh install of Radadrbox 1.5, without RB hardware.... (just like the visitors af our site would do..) and started it, chosed DEMO mode....
It tells that would play a recorded file captured from London area....

Questions :
Would it be possible to change this message ?
Would it be possible to change the area home on this ?
How can I prepare a installation package with this changes....?

Why ?????

Our people has a big difficult on English languaga....
Has also a big difficult on dealing with computers.....

I Think that if it would be possible to make a "customised package" it will allow a lot of people to play with RB....

Thans a lot....