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Author Topic: RadarBox V1.6 News  (Read 10145 times)

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Steve R

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Re: RadarBox V1.6 News
« Reply #15 on: July 13, 2008, 07:28:38 PM »
Nice one AirNav, I'm loving the pace in which AirNav moves in listening to its customer base.

Customer Service = 100%. Keep it Up.

Steve R


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Re: RadarBox V1.6 News
« Reply #16 on: July 13, 2008, 07:43:07 PM »
Hi Allocator
Maybe i don't know wht i am talking about as i am out and about all day and i listen to the scanner quite a lot i pick up the flight number from an aircraft say ryr198 it would be nice to have it come up in the log with all the other bits modes reg etc
sory for the delay in replying does this make any sence to you
Cheers Wheeler

Something like this?  I'm sure this will be in the next release.

 * 4B160F  SWR04T                   HB-IJF  A320  Swiss Internation...
 * 4B16C7  SWR23    KJFK-LSGG       HB-IQH  A332  Swiss Internation...
 * 4B16CF  SWR15P                   HB-IQP  A332  Swiss Internation...
   4B1898  FHE154   BIKF-LFPG       HB-JIE  MD90  Hello               
   4B1899  FHE155   BIKF-EGSS       HB-JIF  MD90  Iceland Express (...
 * 4B18AE  KLM663                   HB-JJA  B73B  PrivatAir (KLM - ...
 * 4B18FF  SWR9T                    HB-JMD  A343  Swiss Internation...
 * 4B1900  SWR65    KMIA-LSZH       HB-JME  A343  Swiss Internation...
   4B19EA  SWR38J                   HB-JVE  F100  Helvetic Airways     
   4B19EB  SWR38Q                   HB-JVF  F100  Helvetic Airways     
 * 4B1A5E                           HB-JZQ  A319  EasyJet Airline