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Author Topic: AirNav RadarBox does not obtain current information when consuming the JSON  (Read 2821 times)

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Leoncio Daniel Guerrero R

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Hello, I explain the problem we have when using the AirNav RadarBox XRANGE,
At the time of consuming the JSON (IP/data/aircraft.json) it is returning the same
information, this is already happening continuously, we have identified
that we must disconnect the AirNav RadarBox XRANGE from the electrical current
and connect it again so that the reception of the
information through JSON appropriately

NOTE: Could there be a more updated version of Firmware that we don't have?

Hola, expongo la problemática que tenemos al usar el AirNav RadarBox XRANGE,
al momento de consumir el JSON(IP/data/aircraft.json) esta regresando la misma
información, esto esta sucediendo ya de manera continua, hemos identificado
que debemos de desconectar el AirNav RadarBox XRANGE de la corriente electrica
y volverlo a conectar para que se vuelva a restablecer la recepción de la
información por medio del JSON de manera adecuada

NOTA: Podría haber alguna version mas actualizada de un Firmware que no tengamos?

Runway 31

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I am not aware that you are able to intercept the data as it is a closed system sending the data back to Airnav for display on

However contact [email protected] for advice

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