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SeaRange AIS receiver

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A few days ago I installed my SeaRange receiver purchased through Amazon.
The first day everything apparently worked ok but now all I get is a black map with an incorrect location of my fixed receiver.
Some emails to ShipXplorer with no response (only confirmation of message receipt...).
The SeaRange is exactly the same design as my XRange2 radar box so is also from Airnav I suppose.
Since this one works perfectly I had full confidence in the SeaRange receiver.
Turns out to be a bit disappointing so far though.
Any others with problems with the SeaRange receiver and what solutions are possible?
Kind regards,

Runway 31:
Whats your email address and I will pass it onto support and ask them to contact you


I am having the same issue. I purchased the hybrid model that is ADS-B MLAT AIS. Great response from the Radarbox side, but the ShipXplorer side there has been zilch in communications or requests to activate my unit. It is one of the units with 2 IDs on the back, a PGANRBxxxxxx and a SRANSXxxxxxx. The manual says to go cliam it like the raspberry pi and enter the sharing key which is supposed to be those above, but it says key not found. I just dump more $$$ than I really should have to have no support or at least allow me to self-register.
Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

Runway 31:
Contact [email protected] for assistance


All I get is a canned response that a ticket has been created and I'll hear something within 24 hours, a week later, crickets...


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