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Different planes in same receiver


I am new user in RadarBox.
I compare planes to my station from same antenna, receiver, Rasperry PI 4 and dump1090-fa get data all radars.
I send data to RadarBox, Flightaware and Exchange.
RadarBox is 21 planes without MLAT-planes(working, syncronised 47 stations) and Piaware 46 planes with 2 MLAT-planes.
Why difference receiver planes?

Why all Finland stations went offline 15.5.2023 same time 15.00-16.00 UTC ?

Runway 31:

The only answer I can gives for the first question will be different time outs when the signal is lost from an aircraft out of coverage, I presume airnav has a shorter time out perios tahn the other two you mention

For the second question it was not only Finland stations that went offline it was all stations as the server was down either for maintenance or other reason


Looking at the screenshot, the missing aircraft appear to be on the ground or near the ground at ESSA and EFHK

For MLAT you need 3 or 4 station relatively near you, ignore stations some distance way for MLAT, out of the synced stations few will be worthwhile for MLAT purposes


Runway 31:
Sorry, it looks like I modified your last message in error when making my reply



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