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Help setting up Flight Stick


Hi all, my first post apologies if I am posting in the wrong place and asking questions that have been asked many times before.

Is anybody able to point me in the right direction for setting up my Raspberry Pi to use the Flightstick?

I have attempted to look around the internet, so much information is old and out of date, the AirNav instructions are next to useless if you are a newbie. I have attempted to load a dump 1090 but have no idea if I used the correct dump (I don't even know if if it loaded, is it running). I have the flightstick and antenna, the Raspberry Pi is up and running Pi Hole with no problems.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Runway 31:
See this thread


Runway 31:
These instructions relate solely to Raspberry Pi Linux, no Windows instructions included on the thread


Runway 31:
I know nothing about Linux

Can only suggest you read and



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