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Geofenced notifications, and advanced data alerts and analysis interface Qs


Hi all, I've set up notifications in my account so I get alerted when selected aircraft are doing nothing really interesting at airports (take off, landing, etc), and need to wade through countless messages to find the ones where these aircraft go/went to specific areas that I am interested in. FR24 and PF both have a feature to geofence an area in which the specified aircraft need to fly before an alert gets sent, and I’d really love to be able to do that with RB24 too. Is it there somewhere and I’m missing it, or not an available option at this point?

Also, are there any advanced interfaces for RB24 that allow other similar narrowing of the data to create more targeted alerts and/or analytics?

Runway 31:
Not available at this time so I suggest that you contact support and make a request for this to be added as a future option



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