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Author Topic: Can Radarbox 6.02.003 Software display 1090 and 978MHZ sticks at same time?  (Read 1038 times)

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Will 978MHZ and 1090MHZ ADS/B receivers in your product mix be able to display together all detected aircraft, using Radarbox 6.02.003, or do you need to separate software programs? I don't use Radarbox24 since it uses the Internet as I want to use my current stand-alone hardware and antenna.


Runway 31

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I believe it will but suggest that you confirm with support



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I have to ask the question as i've been wondering for some time now

Where do you see what version of software your RPi feeder is running and how is it updated?

73 Mark


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I received an email from Radarbox support. They said Radarbox 6.02.003 CANNOT display both 978 and 1040 flight sticks at the same time.