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Update since the last email from airnav nothing has hapenned i think im getting the run around they send free units worldwide but i dont get a replacement since i paid for mine
 considering the other things that i bought from them..

Regards Lino.

Finally my XRange 2 is working again problem was the configurations where corrupted and been restored.

Regards Lino.

Kiwi in Oz:
Thought i would post this here as it relates to an XRange2 issue also, happy to start another thread if that's best though.
(i have contacted support but thought i would post here in case the brains trust can assist)
My XRange2 is constantly displaying a red LED. It appears to still be feeding (PGANRB500716) but am fairly sure it used to display a green LED all the time.
I have disconnected from power and restarted the unit a couple of times but still displays red LED.
I purchased and installed a 1090mhz filter as i live near a radio/cellphone/tv tower and thought it may have been causing issues.

Any ideas??

Runway 31:
The filter should not be required as the x-range already has one fitted.  As you state you are still feeding so no issue there and I would suggest that the only ones who can offer a reason and solution to the red light would be support

I dont think the additional filer will be causing the red light but have you tried removing the filter to see if it goes off.  While it may or not cause the red light the additional filter may cause issues with the number of aircraft picked up so I would investigate that.


Hi contact this person he will help you out [email protected]

Regards Lino.


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