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I am not sure if I am missing some equipment or subscription to get my flight stick to work.
I have the software (6.02.003) and I am using the free version and that workes great with the micro flight stick.
I want to upgrade to the ADS-B FlightStick 978MHz and I have the ADS-B 978 MHz Antenna to go with it. When I launch the application my hardware will not connect. 
any suggestions?

Runway 31:
I dont know if the V6 software sees 978 traffic or even if the 978 stick works with it as I have no experience of it as that frequency is not used over here in Europe

I presume that you used the flightstick drivers

If so i suggest that you drop [email protected] an email and ask their advice


Thanks for your advice but I searched and found the procedure on how to activate the device;
FlightStick driver installation

This USB stick is configured and used in the same way as a traditional RTL-SDR dongle.

The manufacturer provides Zadig drivers to install after connecting the USB key to a free port.

If you have a problem installing the FlightStick drivers, use the Zadig software and install the drivers as follows:

1 - Download the latest version of Zadig, you will need to use 7zip, winrar or winzip to decompress the archive

2 - Run the Zadig.exe file in administrator mode (right-click then "run as administrator")

3 - In Zadig, Click on the “Options” menu, then check “List all devices”

4 - Select from the drop-down menu: "Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)" or "RTL2832U" or "RTLxxxx"

5 - Start the update of the WinUSB driver by clicking on "Replace drivers"

You will have to run Zadig for each USB port that you use with the dongle, in case of changing the USB port, you will have to restart the driver update process with Zadig.

it now works - thanks again

Runway 31:
Good information Nick thanks



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