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Author Topic: Adding RB Flightstick 978 to existing 1090 on RPi  (Read 3583 times)

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Adding RB Flightstick 978 to existing 1090 on RPi
« on: February 26, 2021, 05:45:52 PM »
I currently have a working 1090 RB 'green' 1090 Flightstick on a RPi.  Can I add the 978 'red' RB Flightstick to my existing Pi or do I need to obtain another?  If I use the existing Pi, do I simply follow the 'GUIDE TO INSTALL UAT 978 MHZ ADS-B FLIGHTSTICK' and disconnect the existing 1090 Flightstick while installing the 978?  Will both ADS-B and UAT then be fed to my existing feed after reboot?  Thanks for the help.


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Re: Adding RB Flightstick 978 to existing 1090 on RPi
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2021, 05:21:27 AM »
If it's a Raspberry Pi 4 running the RPI power supply, it'll have the power and USB bandwidth to run both SDR receivers. You'll need to serialize them (i.e. specify one device for 1090 MHz and the other for 978 MHz) and make the appropriate configuration changes in your 1090 and 978 MHz configuration files. It's a relatively painless but potentially time consuming process. See here for reference on the process: and I recommend setting the UAT dongle to serial 00000978 and using the same method to set the 1090 MHz dongle serial to 00001090. You'll have to configure the config files appropriately.

I highly recommend two high-quality USB 3.0 USB extensions with ferrite chokes to cut crosstalk and ground shield noise. This will let both dongles fit on the same RPi 4.

Note that any AirSpy SDR using a 20 or 24 MSPS sample rate AND a 978 MHz SDR receiver on the same RPi 4 will overload the USB bandwidth and your MLAT will not work.