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Text changing colors


When viewing the screen, sometimes text turns to a pale white shade, then returns to normal.

What causes this?

Runway 31:
That usually happens on the network tab when data is being downloaded from the server.  It is very intensive downloading all the network data

To stop this you can untick get flights from radarbox network bottom left on the network tab and view on MyFlights tab and view what you are picking up only


Hmm...that's weird.
I normally run ANRB, without the network enabled, because it seems to run better without it.

The screenshots posted, were without the network tab ticked.

Even then, ANRB hiccups whenever I change views, for example, when I display the interface and go back to full screen, target info disappears and I need to click on the Home tab to show that info again.

IMHO, ANRB needs updates to work out these and other bugs.

I often encounter this bug, it's been a long time to fix it! :c

Runway 31:
Its not a bug, its the MANY thousands of new positions being downloaded for the network flights every 20 seconds.  The is a very intensive workload and if you dont want this untick Get Flights from Network, bottom left of the screen while on the network tab.  That way you will only see the flights your receiver is picking up on MyFlights and you will not see this occuring



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